• Where are the textiles / products made ?
    Our products are handmade in several countries – Nepal, India, Thailand, Marocco and even in Germany.
  • Who is responsible for the designs and patterns ?
    Together with our manufacturers and a small team of creative designers here in Cologne we create these unique and personal styles, which always reflect the typical patterns and fashion that each country of origin has.
  • Are the products made „FAIR TRADE“ ?
    We have no official certificate of an international FAIR TRADE organisation but believe in our own critical control and close relationship with the production factories and their owners. We make absolutly sure that working conditions are on a social responsible level and always carrry on improving the standards of environmental consciousness and quality. It is important for us to take care of the needs and families of the people who make our unique products – with or without official cerification.
  • What materials do you use?
    Our main aim is to make use of natural textiles and materials that are locally available, such as Hemp, Cotton or Wool. We also like to use recycled materials in order to give old textiles a new life cycle. In some items synthetics such as acrylic, viscose or rayon are included. You will find specific details to the rawmaterials included in our products on our technical information pages.
  • Is it possible to order the sizes XS to L?
    At present our products are in the sizes S to XXL or in S/M and L/XL. We are considering to include the XS size in future products.
  • Do your products contain microplastic?
    Not only do we recommend to use a special washingbag for our products but also in general. Our products with synthetic fibers such as acrylic or viscose have a high probability of releasing microplastic. Soon we will be including such a
    bag with all our orders, so that you can be sure that no distribution of microplastic takes place.
    On the long run we only want to offer products free of such material.
  • How are the earnings of the production employees set?
    The payment each employee recieves depends on the complexity of the production item and the personal circumstances. In addition to this the factory in Nepal, where about 80% of our textiles are manufactured, put aside an ammont of money for each garment sold, in order to offer the employees an additional bonus or gratification, when extraordinary needs or investments in safety or social fields are required.
  • Do sold out products automatically come back on sale?
    If you want to find out if or when your favorite garment is back on sale, fill out the attached form and we will contact you as soon as we are restocked.

    If you have ideas or suggestions please contact us: social@madekind.de

  • How long are the vouchers valid?
    Vouchers that are given as a gift have no end of validation. Promotions or salecodes however, will usually have a restricted time of validation.
  • What values can the vouchers have?
    You can purchase vouchers with a value of: 15 / 25 / 50 / 75 / 100 or 150 EUR.
  • Can I exchange my voucher?
    Sorry, it is not possible to exchange a voucher.
  • Where do I get my voucher?
    After you have selected and ordered your voucher online you will either recieve an email or a letter per post (within 2-3 days) with the valid voucher code.
  • When are the donations passed on to the recipients? Every month? Once a year?
    All the generated donations are collected over each quartar of the year and then distributed into the countries where the textiles are produced. We want to make sure to pick the right organisations before giving the money away.
  • Where can I follow where the donations go to? Pictures?
    We always make sure that support we give is documented and followed up. In our future 4 monthly online magazin you can get information about our / your aid.
  • Which organisations do you support?
    Up until now we have trusted and supported the BONO Direkthilfe e.V. whe we have a close personal contact with and where we have also personally seen the projects live in Nepal. But this will not be the only organisation we intend to support. If you have ideas or suggestions please contact us: social@madekind.de
  • When was MADEKIND founded?
    The vision for MADEKIND came in April 2015 and was then founded by Mia Sophie Forsch in September 2015. Our online shop was launched in December 2015.
  • How did the idea for MADEKIND come about?
    After a backpacking tour through Southeastasia Mia had the desire to make the world a little brighter and more colourful, give the German market a taste of the foreign culture. In the wake of the tragic earthquake in Nepal April 2014, Mia was driven by a cause to help the people in need and contribute with a financial support from a donation from all her online sales to the BONO organisation. This support has grown considerably and will be further point of development in our choice of responsible organisations and projects together with our manufacturers.
  • Where does the name Madekind come from?
    MADEKIND is the essense of our mission – producing quality fashion products in a “kind“ responsible, warm-hearted way.
  • Where are the MADEKIND headquarters?
    The MADEKIND storage and administration is situated in Cologne, Germany
  • Does MADEKIND have a retail shop?
    We sell our products only online, but have recently fitted a “shop on wheels” in the form of an oldtimer bus, which will now be on tour around the country. Suggestions or requests for a visit can be sent to: shop@madekind.de
  • What longterm goals does MADEKIND have?
    Our goal is to make the world a little more colourful and openminded – return a part of our prosperity to those who have made these garments and have less.
  • What does an internship at MADEKIND involve?
    The small MADEKIND team is always happy to welcome people who are interested in experiencing all the different areas of work involved in our young start-up business. You will learn a lot of what goes on behind the scenes and have plenty of opportunities to enfold your ideas and interests. We offer a lot of good vibes and healthy food (and cookies!)
  • To which countries does MADEKIND ship?
    Here you see where you can find all the countries and the shipment costs.
  • What carrier do we ship with?
    We work with DHL and DPD courier partners
  • What are the shipment costs for my order?
    Here you see where you can find all the countries and the shipment costs.
  • Does MADEKIND takeover the shiping costs?
    We offer free shipment for orders (national) higher than 100 EUR and for orders from abroad higher than 200 EUR. Shipment fees for orders under 100 EUR are covered by the buyer. Also the shipment costs for returning items must be carried by the buyer.
  • Do I have to use the original box for returns?
    There is no necessity to reuse the original packaging but we try to keep down the ammount of waste and appreciate the use of our packaging material.
  • Can I track the delivery of my order?
    As soon as the packaging is completed you will get an email link to track the delivery status of your order. If you don‘t recieve this information please contact: service@madekind.de and let us know your order number.
  • What companies does MADEKIND cooperate with?
    We don‘t have any fixed partnerships with other companies as yet. We can however imagine that we would cooperate with similar thinking and operating companies in order to share and further develop our vision.