Motto: “Stay true!”
Here since: August 2018
What I’m doing: Marketing, Social Media, SEO, Production
Why I’m here: Because it was meant to be 🙂
Favourite item: Recycling Saree Cardigan
MADEKIND is: magic
My wish: I wish that together with you we can create something wonderful and grow together

Motto: “Trust your intuition in life” (Yogi Tea Wisdome)
Here since: June 2018
What I’m doing: Packing your orders with a lot of love
, responding to your mails with a lot of patience

Why I’m here: Because I really like the project and want to support it. It feels good to be here, we listen to mantras, you can be the person you are and and the team is great. And: I can light some incense sticks without bothering anyone (like my flat mates)
Favourite item: Thats a hard one… Tiny Cystal Necklace and Triangle Poncho Camel
MADEKIND is: Individuality
My wish: A general rethink in the fashion industry and that there is only fair fashion

Motto: “Superglue & Stardust”
Here since: February 2018
What I’m doing: Öhm … paint, saw, write, laugh
Favourite item: My Banjara Moneybelt
MADEKIND is: girlpower
My wish: äh… Love. Peace. Cash.

Motto: “Et hätt noch immer jot jejange” (Saying from Cologne)
Here since: August 2016
What I’m doing: Sustainability, Analysis, Markets
Why I’m here: Convinced that everyone can contribute their part to a greater value. For me, MADEKIND is the place where ideas become projects that make the world a little better.
Favourite item: Embroidery Top with lace!
MADEKIND is: mindful
My wish: It has always been my wish that MADEKIND inspires everyone to do something for the good of society, no matter how big the deed is. Of course there is much more to come, but I believe that we are on a very good way with this message!

Motto:“And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it ” (Paolo Coelho)
Here since:
feels like forever…
What I’m doing:
Website, Photography, Design, Production, Management, a little calculation only

Why am I here: no university accepted me, whatever – now I have the best “working” space with the best team in the world :’-)
Favourite item:
Natur Fransen Kleid

MADEKIND is: Change
My wish: a wide, colorful, global network of wonderful people who support each other and realise ideas and dreams together – in harmony with nature. And more travels




  • March: The idea for the project came up after Mia Sophie Forsch
    came back from a backpacking trip through Southeast Asia
  • April: MADEKIND – the name was given by Mia’s dad
  • September: Founding of MADEKIND
  • October: First shopping trip and search for manufactures in Nepal
  • December: Launch of the website


  • March: Shopping in Thailand and Nepal
  • April: Shooting Lanzarote for the first big collection
  • July: Release “Summer Collection 2016”
  • August: Hannah joined the team as the first employee


  • March: Searching for new manufakturers in India
  • April: Release “Natural Collection”
  • June/July: first “big” shooting
  • August: small collection online
  • December: Our manufacturer Prakash from Nepal visits us in Germany


  • February: Visit of manufacturies in Nepal
  • New team member: Aisha!
  • April: Release “by Mogli” Collection
  • May: Shooting in Portugal for “Indian Summer Collection”
  • June: A new team member again: Maria, welcome!
  • July: Release “Indian Summer Collection”/ Welcome Sunny to the team!

At the moment we are working on the following points

  • Find warehouse (our office is way to small)
  • Development & Optimization
  • Obtain and produce fabrics even more environmentally friendly (more hemp, certified cotton / wool, etc.)
  • Expand and strengthen network of producers
  • Define what “MADEKIND” is
  • Build a magazine and regularly fill it with DIY ideas, information and posts
  • Making shipping more sustainable (we are currently testing compostable shipping bags)
  • Sort team development and areas
  • Create a platform for communication with you, so that we can develop ideas together

We have many ideas, plans and dreams for the future – you can find some of them here

  • a stable and good relationship with our producers
  • full transparency and communication of our value chain
  • unique product variety and special designs
  • products crafted in South America, Africa and other small countries
  • start your own aid projects
  • our MADEKIND bus should be constantly on the road to visit you all
  • MADEKIND network / community where you can talk and exchange
  • Shop kategories: expanding home, baby fashion, and much more …